10,000 Pucks for Golisano Challenge

Snowbelt is sponsoring a 10,000 Pucks for Summer contest!

Here is how it works: Each player in the contest will pledge to shoot 10,000 shots on net over the summer. Goalies pledge to make 10,000 saves. They will solicit a dollar amount (any amount) from friends and family to be paid when they reach their goal. All proceeds will go to Golisano Children’s Hospital.

The pledge form and shot tracker logs are linked below. Encourage all the players you know to participate! All players who reach their goal will receive a plaque and recognition from Snowbelt. We will hand out awards in August. If we all promote it we will increase skills, have fun, and support a great children’s hospital!

Page 1 is to track your Pledges and the remaining pages are for tracking your shots or saves.


  • Q: What if I can’t get in 10,000 shots this summer, can I still participate?
    A: A participant may set his/her own personal goal. It does not have to be 10,000.
  • Q: Who can participate? What if my player is a Mite or is on a Travel team?
    A: Snowbelt member organizations may participate. The player does not have to be rostered on a Snowbelt team but should be registered with one of the associations in our league.
  • Q: What can I count as a shot toward this challenege?
    A: Players can count any shot/save they have over the summer: In the driveway, summer hockey game, camps/clinics, street hockey game. Any shot/save made counts.
  • Q: What do I do with the donations once I’ve collected them?
    A: Snowbelt Reps are to collect the completed forms and any pledge money. They should bring these to the August meeting.
  • Q: What happens when I complete the challenge?
    A: Turn your forms and money in to your Snowbelt Rep. This coming season, kids who participate will get an award for participating and meeting the goal.
  • Q: Why was Golisano Children’s Hospital selected?
    A: Golisano Children’s Hospital was chosen because they have sick kids that want to play sports but can’t. The money will go to update their video game/video library with hockey/sports themed games and movies.