JAM Directors

JAM Rules

Game Reporting

  • Official Reporting: Use this to officially report all games. At minimum please report at the end of each day and after your championship games on Sunday, people will be looking for the results on Sunday!
  • Unofficial Reporting: If you won’t be able to submit the results on the online form promptly, please feel free to report them unofficially first so I can update the website. Be sure to include the Game Code, teams, score, tournament points earned during the game, and any Game Misconducts. Be sure to follow these up by filling out the official form! Here are the unofficial methods, in order of preference:
    1. E-mail snowbeltscheduler@gmail.com with the game code followed by each team’s score and tournament points earned.
    2. Text message to 315.383.8776: Text the game code followed by each team’s score and tournament points earned.
    3. Voicemail: Call 315.383.8776 and leave me a message with the game code followed by each team’s score and tournament points earned.

Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Contacts: Print out the Executive Board & Division Director contact list and keep it with you during the tournament!
  • JAM Rules: Print out the full set of JAM Rules (linked at the top of this page) and keep it with you during the tournament! If/when you leave the venue or if you have multiple venues, make sure that the person you leave in charge has a 2nd copy of the JAM rules available to them. You’ll want to read the list of rules multiple times — as JAM Director, it’s your responsibility to understand the tournament rules. Print out extra copies of the JAM Rules for the Officials Room. It is your responsibility to provide refs with the Rules so they know about the tournament rules (mercy rule, overtime, time outs, etc.)
  • Refs: Once your schedule is set, make sure you request refs for all your tournament games.
  • Volunteers:
    • Timekeeper: As the host, you MUST supply a timekeeper to run the clock for every game.
    • Scorekeeper: You can ask someone from the listed “Home” team to fill out the game sheet.
    • Penalty Boxes: You can ask someone from each team to run their own team’s penalty box.
    • As host, you have the option to fill the Scoresheet & Penalty Box positions with your own people if you have willing volunteers.
  • 5 Point Scoring: Make sure you (and anyone filling out the posted game/tournament results poster) are familiar with the 5-point scoring system. Teams get 1/2 point for tying a period, 1 point for winning a period, 1 point for tying the game, and 2 points for winning the game. The two team’s scores will always add up to 5.0. If you are not familiar with this scoring system and need further explanation, please contact the Snowbelt Scheduler who will work with you until you get it.
  • No Fee Tournament: Hosting associations are not allowed to have a gate/entry fee for the tournament
  • Give Contact Info to Rink Staff: Please make sure that rink staff and JAM volunteers all have your contact info, especially a cell phone. The worst choices are made when people panic and can’t reach the JAM Director!
  • Tiebreakers: Review the tiebreaker rules and understand what they mean! If you have to break a tie, you will be standing by the posted scoring sheets with two teams’ worth of families staring at you and breathing down your neck!
  • Game Sheets: Save WHITE copies of all game sheets and keep them handy, especially during your last set of games if a tiebreaker is required. These sheets will also need to be mailed to the Snowbelt Scheduler after the JAM has completed.
  • Game Misconducts: GMs result in a player being removed from the ice immediately. That player will also be suspended from that team’s following game. Any player that receives a game misconduct penalty for FIGHTING (Rule 615), LEAVING THE BENCH (Rule 629), or ABUSE OF AN OFFICIAL (Rule 601(d), 601(e), or 601(f)) will result in that player being ejected for the remainder of the tournament. Any coach or player receiving two game misconducts is ejected for the remainder of the tournament. Be sure you report the Game Misconducts when you report the game results.
  • Championship Picture: At the conclusion of the championship game, please take a “trophy picture” of the winning team posing on the ice and e-mail it to snowbeltscheduler@gmail.com along with the tournament code. If you forget or cannot do this, please make sure someone sends me a picture, whether it’s someone helping you with the tournament or one of the parents from the winning team. Helpful hint: Find a parent with a big camera and ask them to send you the best pic they take.


JAM Rules

Snowbelt Logo (40th Anniversary)

You can use the Snowbelt logo for any programs, signs, shirts, etc. that you create for your tournament. This is the 40th Anniversary logo to be used this season. This is the highest resolution image I have. EPS is the best version to use if you’re sending it to a professional graphic designer or t-shirt designer.

Tournament Bracket Sheets

I will only create printable bracket sheets as requested. Let me know if you would like me to create a bracket sheet file for you to print out for your tournament. These are the sheets you post on the wall and write the results on. A common size to print is 22×34 inches. Don’t forget to print one for each rink if you have games in different locations! You can bring the file to a company (FedEx Office, OfficeMax, Staples, etc) to print, and have them choose “Fit to Printable Area”. Printable brackets will be e-mailed to you directly if you request one. Click for a sample from the 2016 JAM.

Ineligible Players and Coaches

Ineligible & Cleared Coaches

JAMStatusTeamCoach NameIssueUpdates
@CAM - JPDCLEAREDRome WhiteKieffer, NicoleNo PW ModulePW module 1/22/17
@CAM - JPDINELIGIBLERome WhiteDominic, MichaelNo CEP, Redlined
@CLI - JBCCLEAREDClintonBarrett, DaveNo BT ModuleBT Module 2/22/17
@CLI - JBCINELIGIBLEFultonDigby, MatthewCEP Expired 2016, No BT Module
@CLI - JMCINELIGIBLEClintonBarrett, DaveNo MD Module
@CLI - JMCINELIGIBLECenter StateRoman, ChipNo MD Module
@CLI - JMCCLEAREDIthaca 1John, RichardCEP Expired 2016Temp CEP Granted
@CRT - JPCCLEAREDCortlandDankert, DavidCEP Expired 2016CEP Lvl 3 Recert 1/24/17
@FUL - JPACLEAREDFultonTetro, JamieCEP Expired 2016CEP Lvl 3 Recert 1/20/17
@LYS - JBAINELIGIBLEOswegoRaponi, JeremyNo BT ModuleNot on official roster
@LYS - JPEINELIGIBLELysanderDubrey, MichaelNo PW Module
@LYS - JPEINELIGIBLEValley 1Beam, ChristinaNo CEP, RedlinedCEP Completed, but still Redlined
@LYS - JPEINELIGIBLEValley 1Champion, MaxsenCEP Expired 2016
@LYS - JPECLEAREDLysanderLittle, BrentNo PW ModulePW Module Completed
@MID - JBEINELIGIBLEThousand IslandsNorgard, DavidCEP Expired 2015
@MID - JBECLEAREDMidstateSmith, BrittonNo BT ModuleBT Module Completed
@ROM - JSCCLEAREDCenter StateFitts, LawrenceNo CEPCEP Temp Cert
@ROM - JSCINELIGIBLEElmira 1Sheehan, JamesCEP Expired 2010
@SAL - JPFCLEAREDRome BlueTardugno, NicolasNo PW ModulePW Module 3/4/17
@TI - JPGINELIGIBLEClintonDesjardins, SteveNo SafeSport, Redlined
@TI - JPGINELIGIBLEClintonGoracy Jr, MikeNo CEP, Redlined
@TI - JPGINELIGIBLEAuburnKing, OrmondeNo PW Module
@TI - JSACLEAREDBinghamton RedKelly, MichaelCEP Expired 2016CEP Temp Cert
@WHI - JSBINELIGIBLECorning WhiteKolpien, TimothyNo SQ Module
@WHI - JSHINELIGIBLECorning BlueJennings, DouglasNo SQ Module

Ineligible Players for JAM

JAMTeamPlayer NameReasonDuration
@CLI - JBCSkaneatelesKush, Grace75% RuleIneligible entire JAM
@CLI - JBCSkaneatelesMcCabe, Luke75% RuleIneligible entire JAM
@CLI - JBCCamillusCraneGame Misc.JAM Game 1
@CLI - JBCCamillusVaillancourtGame Misc.JAM Game 1
@CLI - JBCClintonSchneiderGame Misc.JAM Game 1
@CLI - JMCSalmon RiverYard, Michael75% RuleIneligible entire JAM
@CLI - JMCIthaca 1BardenGame Misc.JAM Game 1
@LYS - JBALysanderArkhurst, Nigel75% RuleIneligible entire JAM
@ONO - JMBCamillusCrane, CameronGame Misc.JAM Game 1
@OSW - JMALysanderBlais, Thomas75% RuleIneligible entire JAM

Current USA Hockey CEP list

JAM Directors

LevelDirectorEmail AddressPhone #
1000 IslandsJessica Steblensteblens@gmail.com315-956-1443
CamillusHarmit Sacharsachar98@yahoo.com315-436-4283
ClintonMissi Christmichellechrist321@yahoo.com315-269-1115
CortlandJosh Dolbecjoshdolbec7@gmail.com315-416-4207
FultonDoug Lindseyeelbayrat@aol.com315-529-2873
LysanderGlen Chwalaglen.chwala@gmail.com315-247-6929
MidstateJeannette Bizgiagenie_5700@hotmail.com315-289-7924
OnondagaDan Airdsnowbeltpresident@gmail.com315-420-7106
OswegoTammy Reitztammy.reitz@oswego.edu315-532-2395
OswegoShawn Caroccioscarocci@oswego.org315-591-4136
RomeKristin Haagkhaag@twcny.rr.com315-264-4212
Salmon River - PWKaren Dalinkarendalin76@gmail.com315-430-7597
Salmon River - SQBrad Tannerbntanner11@gmail.com315-225-6302
WhitestownCyndi St. Jameswyhatournamentdirector@yahoo.com315-404-8895

Final Team Rosters

Each tournament’s rosters are posted at htttp://snowbelthockey.org/rosters/ — These are the documents you will print out and have on hand during the JAM in case player eligibility questions arise. Right-click and choose to Save if you want the document saved on your computer.