Parity Committee Interest Form

    The Parity Committee will discuss issues and solutions regarding the parity of teams within the league. This includes division placement, cross-division play, pre-season games or tournaments, and other related topics.

    The Snowbelt Scheduler will chair the committee. Committee members are not necessarily limited to Snowbelt Reps. If your association has multiple people interested, please have them both/all complete the form. If there is a large amount of interest in this committee, we may need to limit participants to one-per-association.

    The plan is to meet via Zoom at least monthly throughout the off-season. The current idea is to meet either before or after the March Board meeting and then on the 3rd Thursday of April, May, June, and July (this aligns with regular Board meetings). The actual dates of the meeting may change, or additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. There will also be plenty of communication via email.

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