Snowbelt Youth Hockey League

10U Preseason Pilot Program

Snowbelt 10U will be trying out a preseason program this season. The goal is to create divisions that are more competitive compared to previous seasons. Preseason game reporting can be submitted on the 10U Preseason Reporting page. The details of the pilot program can be viewed in the following document:

10U Gold Division

The 10U Gold Division has been created for the 2022-23 season. The Gold Division is a separate division from the standard Snowbelt Red/White/Blue divisions and is a place for “travel” teams to participate. The easiest comparison is to think of the Gold Division as the 10U version of the older age groups’ “statebound travel” teams. You can read more on the 10U Gold page.

Meetings and Events

Reps, please check your e-mails regularly to determine if a Board meeting will be held in person or remotely. Board Meetings are held either via Zoom or in-person at the Auburn Hilton Garden Inn (Map). Please note this is a different hotel than we used last season!

Thu12/8/21Snowbelt Board Meeting (2nd Thursday)
In person @ Auburn Hilton Garden Inn
Tue12/31/22Final Rosters (1-T Forms) Frozen
Thu01/19/23Snowbelt Board Meeting (via Zoom)
Sun02/05/23Last Day of Regular Season
Mon02/06/23All game reporting must be entered/submitted
Thu02/09/23Snowbelt JAM Placement Meeting (6:30 pm)
In person, location TBD
Thu02/09/23Snowbelt Board Meeting (2nd Thursday)
In person, location TBD
Fri02/10/23JAM Placements Announced
JAM Weekend
Thu03/09/23Snowbelt Board Meeting and Elections (2nd Thursday)
Thu08/17/23Snowbelt Board Meeting (first of next season)

Central Section Scoresheet Instructions

The website received a behind-the-scenes overhaul this past week, with some more work left. You may notice some changes, but everything should be up and running now. If you experience any weird "reloading" issues, try re-creating any old bookmarks/favorites you have saved.Also note: There were some issues with the standings this weekend. As of Monday, 11/21, at noon, everything is updated with all the game results submitted on time. (Before that, some of the losses were not calculated correctly.)#snowbelthockey ... See MoreSee Less
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10U teams were placed into their Phase 2 groups last Monday, Nov 7. Phase 2 runs until Dec 4. The 10U teams will be placed into their official divisions based on preseason results on Thursday, Dec 8! #snowbelthockey #snowbeltpreseason (Apparently, I forgot to post to social media after I posted them last week -- I was up late finishing it and I was a bit tired...sorry!) ... See MoreSee Less
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Remember pre-pandemic Scheduler meetings? This one is from 2016 😅. (Last week we held our meeting via Zoom again.) ... See MoreSee Less
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10U teams have now been placed into their Phase 1 groups! All teams will be given 5 opponents to play over the next few weekends and are encouraged to play as many different teams as possible to assist with the re-grouping process that will kick off Phase 2. #snowbelthockey #snowbeltpreseason ... See MoreSee Less
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