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The 10U Gold Division has been created for the 2022-23 season. The Gold Division is a separate division from the standard Snowbelt Red/White/Blue divisions and is a place for “travel” teams to participate. The easiest comparison is to think of the Gold Division as the 10U version of the older age groups’ “statebound travel” teams. The Gold Division will be added as a one-season trial basis.

Schedules and Results

To view one team’s results and upcoming games, click on their name in the standings table above.
To view the entire 10U Gold schedule and results, go to the All 10U Gold Games list.
Scheduled dates of April 1 indicate games that have not yet been scheduled/confirmed.

Reporting Game Results

  1. Submit the results of your 10U Game: https://snowbelthockey.org/10u-gold/report/
  2. Upload a scan of the game sheet (or mail it in): https://snowbelthockey.org/10u-gold/upload/

Rules and format for Snowbelt 10U Gold Division

During the 2022-2023 season the Snowbelt Hockey League will be adding a fourth playing level to our 10U division on a one-season trial basis. This level will be designated as the Gold Division. Participants in the Gold Division should be competitive relative to what would be considered “statebound travel 10U” level of skill. The division will play under the following rules and format:

  1. The Gold Division is open to all Associations within Snowbelt.
  2. Each member association is only allowed to roster one team in the Gold Division.
  3. All teams in the Gold Division will follow all Snowbelt existing rules and regulations unless otherwise specified.
  4. The Fair Play Rule (by-law 10.02) and Fair Play Point system will not apply to the Gold Division.
  5. Snowbelt’s Equal Ice Policy (by-law 6.04) will apply to this division whenever the teams are playing at even strength.
  6. Teams in the Gold Division will play all league games within the Gold Division. There will be no cross-divisional League games between the Gold Division and other divisions.
  7. The number of league games that will be played will be determined by the number of teams that participate. The last weekend for league games is three weeks before the tournament.
  8. Period lengths and penalty lengths shall match Snowbelt League 10U rules. If at the end of regulation time the teams are tied, the game shall result in a tie.
  9. Divisional standings will be based on the 2-Point system (2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie). Standings will be updated and posted on Snowbelt’s website.
    • Tiebreaking Rules fill follow the Central Section Tiebreaker Policy, which is [included on the last page of the PDF document below].
  10. The Gold Division will not participate in Snowbelt JAM tournaments. The Gold Division teams will instead participate in a single Gold Division “sectional tournament”. Gold Division team participation in this tournament is mandatory. (The possibility of a “state tournament” style competition with other sections might also be formalized at a later date.)
  11. All rule exceptions and additions must first be approved by the Snowbelt Executive Board prior to being presented to the membership for approval.

10U Gold Tournament

All eight teams will participate in the 10U Gold Tournament 3/10-12 at Lysander.


Should I place our 10U team in the Gold Division or in the regular Red/White/Blue divisions?
Each association can only place 1 team into Gold. If an association does not feel that their team is competitive enough to play against Tier 2 Travel 10U teams then they should enter into the normal Snowbelt divisions as usual.

What about Tier 3 associations?
Tier 3 associations may enter teams into Gold as long as they are (or become) a Snowbelt member association. Please keep in mind that Tier 3 teams will be playing alongside the Tier 2 teams and there is no tier distinction between the tiers in Gold.

What about Tier 1 associations?
Many teams are concerned with having to play the Tier 1 travel teams. As of this writing, neither Tier 1 association expressed any interest in participating in the Gold division and that is not expected to change.

What if enter Gold and find out that we are not competitive?
Much the same as any statebound travel team that declares as statebound, the Gold teams will be committed to playing their required Gold division games. These teams will not be allowed to “move down” to the Red division within Snowbelt.

What are the end-of-season tournament plans?
End of season plans are not laid out in detail in this document because the Tournament Committee has not yet held their session to confirm these details. They will be added here once the details are set.
Gold teams will not enter into the Snowbelt JAM tournaments at the end of the season. There goal is to hold a tournament for qualifying teams at the end of the season, much the same as the older statebound teams have.

What about non-Central section associations in Snowbelt?
The North Section associations that are Snowbelt member associations are allowed to participate in the Snowbelt Gold Division.

2022-23 10U Gold Team Contacts

CamillusDan Amedro[email protected]315-345-7529
CortlandJordan Perkins[email protected]607-745-1630
LysanderJon Ream[email protected]614-570-0725
Oswego Chris Sturick[email protected]315-491-2191
SkaneatelesDJ Farney[email protected]315-975-7502
Skaneateles (alt)Ashley Colella[email protected]720-385-8842
Southern TierJoyce Northup[email protected]516-768-5444
ValleyKevin Burns[email protected]617-461-4852
WatertownMegan Jackson[email protected]805-668-8667

10U Gold Rules and Format