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    Which team(s) do you represent?

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    What role(s) do you represent for your association's 10U team?

    Comparing the Normal vs Preseason Processes

    "Normal" Process

    Teams are placed in one of three default divisions (Red, White, or Blue) based on standards in the by-laws. Teams may then request Board approval to move up/down if they feel they are misplaced. After the October meeting, teams are locked into a division and are then scheduled 16 league games, mostly against their own division, but also some crossover games into the neighboring division(s).

    "Preseason Pilot" Process

    Teams are allowed to self-assess and select one of nine groups without restriction. Teams then play a minimum of 4 preseason games and are re-grouped based on their performance. Teams then play a minimum of 4 additional games and are placed into divisions of approximately 4-5 teams based on all preseason performance against an RPI rating system. Teams then play a regular season of home & home games against only their division opponents.

    Which of the two processes do you prefer?

    Comments regarding the Normal vs Preseason process:

    This season, 2022-23, was a test Pilot Preseason program for 10U. What are your thoughts on how we should proceed for the 2023-24 season?

    Please provide additional comments regarding what should happen during the 2023-24 season:

    If you have any additional comments regarding the Preseason Pilot that were not covered above, please include them here:

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