Game Sheet Uploads

Please note: You must ALSO report the game results for each game using the Game Result Reporting form.

Game Sheet Upload Guidelines

In order to use this form, please first read the guidelines below. The Snowbelt Scheduler does not have to accept uploaded sheets at any time and can request or require game sheets to be mailed at any time.

  1. FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES: If you have any issues or difficulties with these guidelines, you should mail the game sheets in. If the Scheduler determines that the guidelines have not been adequately followed, you will be asked to mail the sheet in.
  2. COMPLETE: Scans must be complete, including the entire sheet. Scans must include both rosters and all other written information from the sheet.
  3. LEGIBLE: Scans must be legible compared with the original sheet. (If the writing is too light, scans may not pick up the writing.)
  4. SINGLE PAGE: Scans must be on one page. (Due to the legal-size game sheets, always confirm the entire sheet appears on a single page.)
  5. FILE FORMAT: Documents must be submitted in one of the approved file formats: PDF, PNG, GIF, JPG
  6. FILE SIZE: Document size must be less than 4 MB.
  7. DOCUMENT RETENTION: If you upload the game sheet, you need to save the physical white copy through the end of that season’s JAM tournament. This is important in case the scan is illegible or if the original white copy is needed by USA Hockey, NYSAHA, or the Section.
  8. UPDATES: Additional guidelines/requirements may be added in the future. If additional guidelines are added, they will be added here. Guidelines were last updated on 1/14/23 to add clarification and to remove excess verbiage.
  9. FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES: If you have any issues or difficulties with these guidelines, please mail the game sheets in. Instructions on mailing the game sheets in are included at the bottom of this page.

Useful Tips & Apps

Scanning a legal-sized document is not always easy. Here are some tips and useful apps to assist you.

  • Scanner — The absolutely easiest method for scanning is a commercial bizhub that will scan your document and send it directly to you in and e-mail as a PDF. Just make sure it scans the entire document and doesn’t cut off the sides. A home scanner may work as well, but not all personal scanners support legal-size documents.
  • Adobe Scan Mobile App (iOS/Apple or Android) — Adobe’s tool is simple once you learn it. It will attempt to auto-detect the corners of the document, snaps the picture, and lets you save the PDF to your device.
  • PhotoScan by Google (iOS/Apple or Android) — Google’s tool similarly lets you take a picture, pick the corners of the document, and saves it as an image.
  • Game Sheet Submission Form

      Your Name

      Your Email

      Game Code

      (e.g. P-1-B)

      Game sheet file

      (single file; 4mb maximum; must be either pdf, gif, png, or jpg)


      You can almost always leave this area blank.

      Be sure to read the message that appears below after clicking Send to ensure your document was sent successfully.

      If you have issues with the above guidelines and need to mail game sheets in, send the white copy to:

      Snowbelt Hockey
      c/o Scott Jesmore
      7300 Cedar Post Rd Apt J14
      Liverpool, NY 13088